Alice Liu's Acting Page
Like Sunday, Like Rain  -  Anna (Day Player)  -  Dir: Frank Whaley
Sue   -   Lisa-Prostitute (Day Player)   -   Dir: Amos Kollek
   (*Winner, International Critic's Prize - Berlin Film Festival)
Stepmom   -   Ad Executive (Day Player w/Julia Roberts)   -   Dir: Chris Columbus
(Studio) 54   -   Cashier (Day Player w/Ryan Phillippe)   -   Dir: Mark Christopher
16 Tongues (Sci-Fi)   -   Alik Silens-Geek Hacker (Lead)   -   Dir: Scooter McCrae
Nowhere to Go But Up   -   Manager (Day Player w/Audrey Tautou)   -   Dir: Amos Kollek
The Bumblebee Flies Anyway   -   Mona Li (Day Player w/Elijah Wood)   -   Dir: Martin Duffy
New Rose Hotel   -   Futuristic Geisha (Day Player w/Willem Dafoe)   -   Dir: Abel Ferrara
The Empath   -   Medical Examiner (Day Player w/Dan Lauria)   -   Dir: David Lowell Sonkin
City of Thieves   -   Dance Director (Day Player)   -   Dir: Jason Brandenberg
(*Winner, Best Short Film - Avignon Film Festival)
Zoo   -   Primate Medical Examiner (Day Player)   -   Dir: Alexandra King
Wolf   -   Party Guest (Day Player)   -   Dir: Mike Nichols
The Next Big Thing   -   Poseur (Day Player)   -   Dir: PJ Posner
Francis   -   Hostage's Mother (Day Player)   -   Dir: Angelika Monning (Germany)
The Giraffe (Meschugge)   -   Bad Torch Singer (Singer)   -   Dir: Dani Levy (Germany)
King of New York   -   Prostitute (Featured)   -   Dir: Abel Ferrara
Educated   -   Mrs Wang (Day Player)   -   Dir: Georgia Lee
   (*Winner, Best Live Action Short Film - Durango Film Festival)
She Hate Me   -   Oni's Girlfriend   -   Dir: Spike Lee
Restaurant   -   Hooker (Featured)   -   Dir: Eric Bross
The Believer   -   Neo-Nazi Recruit   -   Dir: Henry Bean
People I Know  -  Opium Girl (w/Al Pacino)  -  Dir: Daniel Algrant
The Last Aristocrats (Zui hou de gui zu)  -  Wife (Day Player)  -  Dir: Xie Jin (China)
Here Now   -   Woman (Lead/Looping)   -   Dir: Yunah Hong
Pride & Joy   -   Ester (Principal)   -   Dir: John Vidor
Artful Dodgers  -  Karen (Day Player)  -  Dir: Takuo Yasuda (Japan)
Strictly Business   -   Secretary (Day Player)   -   Dir: Kevin Hooks
To Hide and Seek  -  Woman (Lead)  -  Suet-Yee Au (Susie Au) (Hong Kong)
Urban Romance  -  Video Date (Day Player)  -  Dir: Mark Bilgrey

Television -  Radio  -  Other Media
Gothams (pilot)  -  Mai Chang-Psychic (Lead)  - Dir: Adam Burns
New York's New York  -  King Kong Jr.'s Mother (Day Player)  -  Dir: Mike Figgis
The Beat (series premiere) - Nurse (Day Player w/Mark Ruffalo) - Dir: Barry Levinson (UPN-TV)
Deadline - Butch (Day Player)   - Dir: Bob Berlinger (NBC-TV)
Law & Order - Karyn Sasabe (Day Player) - Dir: Gus Makris, Chris Misiano, Matt Penn (NBC-TV)
Sesame Street - Nurse (Principal w/Noah Wyle) - Children's TV Workshop
Buying a Landslide - Sound Tech (Principal w/John Mahoney) - Dir: Simon Curtis (BBC-TV)
Sesame Street - Nurse; Porridge Lover (Principal/Singer) - Children's TV Workshop
MTV's Dysfunctional Family - Lesbian Supreme (Principal) - Dir: Tom Schween  (MTV)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Old Horny Bag Lady (V/O) - Rockstar Games
Motocross Mania 3 - Mei Kay Chan/Biker (V/O) - Rockstar Games
ESL Television "Hospital" - Interpreter Lin Peng - Dir: Luis Argueta
Dangerous to Know (documentary) - Anna May Wong/Narrator (V/O) - Dir: Yunah Hong
Escape From China (documentary) - Iris (V/O); Li Yan (V/O) - PBS P.O.V. Series
Hiroshima Maidens (documentary) - Hiroko (Lead V/O) -  WBAI American Public Radio
One Life to Live - Nurse Stevens (Recurring U/5) - ABC-TV
One Life to Live - Luna's Fan (U/5) - ABC-TV
One Life to Live - Assistant Coroner (U/5) - ABC-TV
One Life to Live - Reporter (U/5) - ABC-TV
Another World - Nina Kreiter (Recurring U/5) - NBC-TV
Another World - Set Designer (U/5) - NBC-TV
Another World - Announcer (U/5) - NBC-TV
Another World - Reporter (U/5) - NBC-TV
All My Children - Paramedic (Recurring U/5) - ABC-TV
Loving - Lab Assistant (Recurring U/5)

MISSING CHUNK - modern rock band
   I See the Dark (music videos)  -  Producer/Guitar/Lead Vocals  -  Dir: Scooter McCrae
    Mary & May (music videos)  -  Producer/Guitar/Lead Vocals  -  Dir: Don Gaile
   Let It Snow (soundtrack)  -  Songwriter/Guitar ("aka Pocahontas") - Dir: Adam Marcus
   Let It Snow (soundtrack)  -  Songwriter/Guitar ("Mary & May")  -  Dir: Adam Marcus
        (*Winner, Best New Writer/Best Editing - Los Angeles International Film Festival)
Ricola (spec commercial)  -  Dir: Tim Lalumia
Trance & Venom (written into script)  -  "Alone"  -  Dir: Bradford Mays
The Living Room (soundtrack)  -  "Alone"  -  Dir: Frank Slaten
The Living Room (soundtrack)  -  "a.k.a. Pocahontas"  -  Dir: Frank Slaten
Epilepsy Society
(public service announcement)
Juggy Murray/Sue Records
Byron's Red Roller
Crosstown Traffic
(WBAI American public radio)
Women in Music's Modern Rock Showcase  -  American Diabetes Association Fundraiser  -  Z-100 Stage/"World's Largest Block Party"  -  Music & Love Fundraiser for Children w/AIDS  -  Epilepsy Foundation of NY Fundraiser  -  "Women's Well" Music Series  -  "Divas & Damsels:  Go Girls Who Rock" (100% Fret Free Records)  -  ART NY Multimedia Festival  -  Peekaboo Festival of New Music  -  Georgie's Orgy Variety Show  -  East Village Halloween Ball  -  Lower East Side Festival of the Arts
Elbow Room - Arlene Grocery - Venue - Carolines Comedy Club - Dixon Place - Coney Island High - CB's Gallery - Fannies Oyster Bar - Sanctuary @ Continental - "The Fort @Sidewalk - The Red Lion - Pink Pony - Desmond's - Spiral - Baggot Inn - Theatre for the New City - Kenny's Castaways - StandUp NY
Grand Central Station Arlo Guthrie Tribute  -  Vocals/Guitar  -  NYC MTA
South Street Seaport Buskers  -  Vocals/Guitar  -  South Street Seaport, NYC
Music Under New York  -  Vocals/Guitar  -  NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Legendary Siren  -  Iva Toguri "Tokyo Rose" (Lead)  -  Urban Stages/Soho Rep
Wrong Impressions  -  Junko/Sandra/Yakuza  -  Nuyorican Poets Cafe/5th Night
Lennon: A Life  -  Yoko Ono  -  Twinfish Productions

Commercials & Industrials
Extensive credits available upon request.  Teleprompter experience.

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