Alice's Creature Feature
Mee Mee just showed up at our apartment door one day to protect me from the forces of evil and all human beings.
(circa 1972)
Delilah - Now being spoiled mercilessly by my parents.
I found Teddi dying outside a deli.  I wrote about her in my book, "The Hunter."
Charlie (a.k.a. Wii)
Smelly, lusty, chatty . . .
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Spay/neuter your pet !!!

If you are thinking of getting a cat or dog, please adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue group.

If you would like to donate to an animal charity,

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
is a great organization.
Chunk (R.I.P) watching over Pumpkin
Kathy & Tibu
Kathy is the world's best cat sitter.  My boys have always loved her . . .  although with the last name "Bird," is it any wonder?  She gave my Bo IV shots twice a day whenever I had to go away.
Bonkers (R.I.P.) and King Kong.  Bonkers was abandoned by a famous defense lawyer (who shall go unnamed because I don't want to be sued), and eventually adopted by my friend MaryAnn.
Kim & Boni Jovia Hurricane China Cherry My cat psychic with her psychic cat.
Sam (R.I.P.)watching an orb (or ghost) - He sat in this position for over an hour, late one night.  Although I couldn't see the orb, I was able to catch it in a photo.  YouTube
Chunk with Boots (R.I.P.)
Watch Butters Thumping Pumpkin on YouTube
Dumpling (R.I.P)
(Rescued from a flush down the loo)
Bo (R.I.P.)
Pumkin Beats Up Sam

Butters Gives Pumpkin a Bath
Pumpkin Plays Ball
Pumpkin Cries for Food
Butters Thumps Pumpkin
Pinching Sam
Pumpkin's Unhappy Uncles
Sam Humping a Dog
Sam Sees an Orb/Ghost
Lazy Cats Fight Lying Down
My funny Birt (R.I.P.) the rescued pigeon fledgling with a substitute plush mommy.  Birt went blind after a virus induced seizure.
Birt with foster pigeon Bedi (also R.I.P.)
Note her splayed leg.  She wanted to fly.
Hopefully she's doing that now.
special thanks to:
The Wild Bird Fund
for their help and support.

The Wild Bird Fund is an all volunteer, non-profit organization that helps save wild birds and wildlife in New York City.

They rely on private donations.

To Donate:
Alice w/Butters, Homer, Pumpkin, & Ch-ch-ch-Chia