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"...the Peekaboo Festival wants [their] creation to be the music equivalent of the Sundance Film Festival: a place to hear fresh new singers and bands like Missing Chunk, featuring Alice Liu..."
- The New York Times

"...Alice uses her eclectic background to great effect by creating a sound that sets this band apart, even in the diverse NYC scene..."
-  Peekaboo Festivals

"Pop rock with a punk ethic. Aggressive female vox, violin leads and intriguing lyrics"
- Musician's Exchange

"[the songs] sound easy, but they're not"
- Kenny Gwyn

"They're kind of extreme.  But I like them!"
- (new fan)

"Man, you guys really rocked"
- (new fan)

"I Love Them, ... and I'm a Communist"
- C. Kuhn

"You have a wicked kind of humor"
- M. Chiang
"'Missing Chunk's' intriguing, pointed vocals, driving violin leads and a multi-faceted rhythm section combine to make music rich in character and meaning."
- Mariliyn Abalos
Filipino Reporter

"Missing Chunk's rapid rise in the New York music scene is as much doe to their new line-up as it is to their material, which challenges the listener as well as the status quo."
- The Comic Bible

"Re-Inventing Tomorrow"
- R. West
Theatre for the New City

"Great Stuff!"
- Tom Schiller
Saturday Night Live

"Opening act rocker Missing Chunk was fronted by Alice Liu's sultry voice.  She's the hottest singer to come along since Marianne Faithful's comeback.  How she invaded my private parts and settled there I'll never know.  But I knew in my heart and soul I wanted her.  She sings in a style that arouses the man in old men, and cuts to the chastity in boys who think they know something about women.  I want her again." 
- Larry Litt
New York Theater Wire

"A Moment of Clarity" actually gave me chills.... listening to this song was like hitting a brick wall and falling through it.  What a song!  It's the anthem of the 90's generation.

- Cathy Haig Bonjukian
Satirical Asylum



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