Alice Liu & Missing Chunk for tomorrow...
"Opening act rocker Missing Chunk was fronted by Alice Liu's sultry voice. She's the hottest singer to come along since Marianne Faithful's comeback. How she invaded my private parts and settled there I'll never know. But I knew in my heart and soul I wanted her. She sings in a style that arouses the man in old men, and cuts to the chastity in boys who think they know about women. I want her again."     - Larry Litt, NY Theatre Wire
Music Videos
Directed by Scooter McCrae
Produced by Alice Liu
Edited by Steve Ballot
Directed by Don Gaile
Produced by Alice Liu
The Musicians: 
Alice Liu (Guitar/Vocals)
Susan Mitchell (Violin)
Yuli Yael Beeri a,k.a. Yula Be'eri (Bass)
Yuval Lieblich (Guitar)
Luis Zambrano (Drums)
Carlos Tirado (Bass)
Maury Haymore (Bass)

Mary & May
All songs, except "Science Fiction...," written and produced by Alice Liu.  This album was recorded live at S.O.S. Studios in 45 minutes with a head cold, two hangovers, and a missing finger tip. (songs, videos, & books (c)(p) Alice Liu. BMI.  All Rights Reserved.)
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I See the Dark
Mary & May
(violin version)

a.k.a. Pocahontas
(the story behind the song)

A Moment of Clarity

I See the Dark

Tell Them No

Bad In Pink

Calico Cat

Mary & May
(guitar version)


I See the Dark
(early violin version)

A Moment of Clarity
(early violin version)

Science Fiction/
Double Feature

(O'Brien/Rocky Horror)



Production Resume

The Mighty Gwin
(television pilot script)
The Hunter (book)
Other pilot scripts 
Bubba (comic book)




Oodles of Doodles

Creature Feature

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