Television Pilot Script by Alice Liu
Samantha Gwin never did listen to her father. 
Now he's dead, . . .

. . . monsters act like humans,
. . . a hero reanimates as a boy toy,
. . . technology has a mind of its own,
. . . and all the girls at school are really, really mad.

it's all Sam's fault.
(Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.)

*     *     *     *     *
After the bizarre death of her family, a teen works with a division of the FBI responsible for investigating strange events, and discovers that supernatural creatures have infiltrated her world through a dimensional breach created by social networking.
*   *   *   *   *   *
The themes in The Mighty Gwin revolve around archetypal behavior, female anger, the struggle for redemption, and the power of thought.  Set in an average suburban town and high school, The Mighty Gwin explores the impact of social media on millennial culture through exaggerated, comedic interpretation by supernatural characters in a relatable environment.  The challenges that Samantha Gwin faces reflect both the everyday experiences of young adults (bullying, shaming, etc) and the uncertainties of a larger, changing world.
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Science Fiction/Fantasy Action -Comedy

One Hour/Serialized

Nerds everywhere
(teens - 49)

True Blood    Supernatural    Teen Wolf 
Doctor Who    Lost Girl    Once Upon a Time 
Veronica Mars    Angel    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Potential cross promotion opportunities with established authors of Supernatural YA (Young Adult) books:  Co-writing episodes, character cameos.  Other potential opportunities present in graphic novels, comics, and computer games based on the series' concepts and characters.

Alice Liu was the Associate Editor and Book Review Editor for The Comic Bible, a comedy and entertainment industry magazine.  Her Ten Cents and a Dame column paid tribute to urban fantasy heroines by demonstrating how the crafting of characters and supernatural archetypes drives humor.   She co-wrote FarmCity  (television pilot) and her first book, The Hunter: A Middle-Aged Urban Zen Fable, was published in 2007.  Alice was in the top 1% of book reviewers on Goodreads (a book readers website with over 30 million members) when it was acquired by in 2013.    Additionally, she is a bookseller specializing in YA (Young Adult) Supernatural and adult Urban Fantasy books - and spent 4 years reading over 1,000 books in the genre.  Alice wrote, performed, and produced music and music videos with her alternative rock band Missing Chunk.  She produced fundraisers and events for nonprofits and educational institutions, and diversity events for the Screen Actors Guild, and continues to provide technical writing, graphic design, and display design services to select nonprofits.   As an actress, Alice's extensive credits include roles in commercials, network television, and film.  She likes to read on the toilet.
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"Gripping and memorable"
- Alison Gordy

" materfully written and thrill-ridden"
-Peter Gonzales Falcon

Why YA?
"A young adult novel is a regular novel that people actually read."
~ Stephen Colbert

Seeking a dedicated team of insanely open and creative people to bring this series to life!




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