Oodles of Doodles
(Alice's Creations)

"Natural Selection"
(originally a tatoo design)

"The Serpent & the Egg"
oil painting

"Elliot Dare:
Agent of the Star"
promotional postcard
Background photo courtesy of NASA
"Self Portrait"

"Animal Farm"
etching on metal

"The Hunter"
book cover

"Delilah Hunting"
Postcard with Hunter & Carson Liu (& Delilah)
"LAC" Chinese
language program

2011 New Year's card
Halloween Pencil

Halloween Insect &
Undead Costumes
(can't take credit
for the fly)

"Melancholy" pencil on paper
"Gun Under a Shoe"
Halloween costume

Oona (cereal themed)
foil & paper back wall
(on a $50 budget)

Oona Restaurant
restroom sign
foil on foil

"The Mighty Gwin"
Pilot Script Promotional Postcard
Pictured: Kimmy Suzuki

2011 World Domination Holiday Card
 "Motel Limbo" Television pilot script promotional postcard
Pictured: Kimmy Suzuki

A-PAL logo & motto
My band "Missing Chunk's" gig promo postcard
announcing new musician line-up

"Missing Chunk's" gig promo postcard
(a lot of people came to pay the ransom)

Comic Bible Business Card
A-PAL Letterhead
Page in progress
More to come

Toilet Book Press Label
Toilet Book Press Souvenir
w/Miniature Toilet Paper



Production Resume

The Mighty Gwin
(television pilot script)
The Hunter (book)
Other pilot scripts 
Bubba (comic book)




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A-PAL logo & motto
Business Card Front
Business Card
Business Card Back
A-PAL Mousepad for 2015
Chinese New Year

"Toilet Book
Press" logo

"100 Years of Asian History in Paper Money"
(continued below)

"100 Years of Asian History in Paper Money" -  An interactive display with 74 banknotes representing over 40 countries, including colonial governing authorities,  military, occupation, & guerrilla currency.  Display was designed in lightweight modular units for easy shipping and transport to schools and community events.