Bubba Comic Book Introduction
(in re-writes)
Centuries of malicious wantonness has left an energetic residue within the walls of Detention Bar, an adult playground where misfits and miscreants gather at happy hour to exercise their demons.   Bubba, a Spirit Guide, seeks afterlife redemption by offering clues to his living human charge through dreams, visions, and by tweaking luck.  It's not an easy task as Detention's denizens enjoy a daily romp into the underworld of souls, where they battle each other's inner demons and dredge up the occasional monkey.

One hour Paranormal Sci-Fi Action Comedy
Live Action & Animation/CGI

Underlying Comic Book Theme

 ©2008 Alice Liu - All Rights Reserved

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Illustration by  www.shihohoshino.com
By Alice Liu




The Mighty Gwin (pilot)
The Hunter (book)
Bubba/Elliot Dare/Motel Limbo (pilots)
Bubba (comic book)



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TV Pilot Scripts
Elliot Dare
Agent of the Stars
By Alice Liu
A Man, an Alien, & a Boy Band...
What could go wrong?

An Alien Experiences life on earth through the eys of a downtrodden accountant cum manager of a boy band.

1/2 hour sci-fi
situation comedy pilot
live action

Branded entertainment potential


(c)2011 Alice Liu
All Rights Reserved
Motel Limbo
By Alice Liu
(in progress)

Sci-Fi Action Fantasy
1-Hour Pilot

Welcome to the Limbo Motel where all your needs are met with good cheer:

A room for the weary?
A glimpse into your future?
Trouble with a werewolf or troll?

Look no further.

We proudly offer the world's foremost Supernatural Detective Agency run out of guest room #6.  Who better to solve the problems of supernatural clientele than a woman who leads a ghost of an existence.


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The Mighty Gwin