Alice Liu is a long time New Yorker.  She graduated from Yale University with a degree in Economics, Political Science, and International Relations because she wanted to be able to read between the lines while reading a newspaper.  After graduation, she took the scenic route to the arts, with stopovers in investment banking, and in food and beverage service.  A fun time was had in beverage service. 

On the advice of a roommate, Alice began acting.  This led to a busy and varied 25-year career in commercials, film, and television as a character actress.   She used this time to explore the most important moment of her creative life-the day she walked into a record store and heard David Bowie's song, "Scary Monsters."  This song not only taught her how far outside of the box one could go, but also that every instrument was a character with its own story looking to be voiced.   It informed her art so much that when she wrote, performed, and produced her alternative rock album with her band, Missing Chunk, Benjamin Strouse of the New York Peekaboo Festival said, "...Alice uses her eclectic background to great effect by creating a sound that sets this band apart, even in the diverse NYC scene..."
As a writer, Alice is currently working on a historical fiction screenplay.  She is the creator and writer of "The Mighty Gwin," a Sci-Fi Supernatural television pilot script, and is the writer/producer of "Chinatown Horror Story," in collaboration with writer/producer, Shing Ka.  Alice was the Associate Editor and Book Review Editor for "The Comic Bible," a comedy and entertainment industry magazine.  Her "Ten Cents and a Dame" column paid tribute to urban fantasy heroines by demonstrating how the crafting of characters and supernatural archetypes drives humor.   She co-wrote "FarmCity" (television pilot script) and her book, "The Hunter: A Middle-Aged Urban Zen Fable," (Toilet Book Press, "books to read on the toilet") was described by comedy writer Marian Rosin as "pack[ing] as profound a philosophical punch as the classic 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.'  It's a book that will make you ultimately feel better, braver and more optimistic about life."  Alice was in the top 1% of book reviewers on Goodreads (a website for book readers with over 40 million members) when it was acquired by Amazon.com.  Additionally, she is a bookseller specializing in Mystery, YA (Young Adult) Supernatural, and Adult Urban Fantasy books. 

In her pro bono work, Alice has produced fundraising, entertainment, and diversity events for Yale University, the Screen Actors Guild (as Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee), various nonprofits, and with New York Women in Film and Television (NYWIFT).   As part of her role in minority advocacy in the arts, she has spoken at New York area colleges and at the American Museum of Natural History.  She continues to provide technical writing, graphic design, and display design services to select nonprofits.  

On a personal level, Alice is an avid collector of bronze animal chops, letterpress print blocks, antique miniature toilets, and other vintage objects that have stories to tell.  As an accidental (it just happens!) animal rescuer, Alice is known to be a repeat offender.  She loves living things, including mice and rats, but not biting bugs.  She enjoys reading on the toilet.

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